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I haven’t posted a blog for the last week. I’ve been pondering the meaning of a couple words, thinking about how they are applied in our lives.



When you think about restoration, what comes to mind? A remodel project in your home? The renovation of an old structure? Repairing something broken? Restoring an old vehicle or a valuable piece of artwork or a piece of furniture? Re-decorating a room or even a whole house? Bringing harmony to a fractured relationship?

What is transformation? When you think about transformation, do you envision a child’s transformer toy changing shape and becoming something new? Maybe completely changing the structure of a building by moving walls or doors?

This year I’m focused on the idea of more, of breakthrough. I want to experience and walk in even more of what God has for me. I’m pondering restoration and transformation as part of the process needed for that to happen. What will restoration and transformation look like in my life? Is this possible? I think it is. So I’m reading and praying, asking God to show me how that happens.

We’re currently in the season of Lent, preparing for Easter. I can’t help but think about how those words are wrapped up in Easter. I’m sure God gets excited during this season, thinking about what was accomplished for us.

I also just released my latest book, God Heals Broken Hearts – God’s Response to the Broken Hearted on a Journey of Healing. Perhaps healing and restoration have been on my mind even more lately. Restoration is such a part of that healing process for any of us to experience what such a change brings in our lives.



Are you eager for restoration? A starting place for transformation?


Carol Boggess, author and speaker

Rivers – A Journey of Restoration From Broken to Breakthrough and God Sees Broken Hearts