God Heals Broken Hearts

God’s Response to the Broken-Hearted on a Journey of Healing Though invisible, a broken heart leaves emotional scars, just like the scars that may line your body. These emotional wounds on your heart, mind, and soul will not simply go away, but rather they need the balm of the Spirit.

Heartbreak leaves painful emotional wounds in our heart, mind, and soul. They will not simply go away, but rather they
need to be healed.

After God healed her own broken heart, Carol Boggess began sharing God’s healing with others here and then in Uganda.
The lessons, a series of stories of women in Scripture and God’s response to their struggles, helped Ugandan women find
answers about how God responds to the scars left by feelings of shame and worthlessness. Likewise, these stories gently
seek to help us recognize our own soul wounds or brokenness and see them through God’s eyes as they reveal God’s
passionate and powerful love for us in the midst of our brokenness.

Carol examines the impact of shame and guilt and how un-forgiveness binds us with chains of bitterness. She Illustrates
how Jesus was anointed to rescue us from the impact of trauma and shame in our life. She assures us that we are not
inferior, tossed aside as useless. Scripture passages paint a picture of how God sees us as beautiful. A powerful butterfly
image assures us that, as our broken heart is healed, we are strong and able, even though we may still feel fragile.
You will find answers to questions such as: Does God care about the painful stories of your life? How does God respond if
you forget what He has promised you? How does God see you after all the mistakes you have made? What if you have been
part of sexual immorality? How does God respond when you feel unloved or unwanted? Is God ashamed and angry when
you fail again after all He has done for you? What if you cannot forgive others or yourself? Does God still focus on your past
or does He see you as changed now?

A perfect book for either personal study or group sharing, God Heals Broken Hearts will help you recognize how God
responds to your struggles and hurts as you are willing to face the scars left by feelings of shame and worthlessness. Gather
the pieces of your broken heart and bring them to God, for only He can fuse them back together with His healing touch.


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