A Journey of Restoration from Broken to Breakthrough At various time in our lives, we all feel weak or wounded. This causes us to question our value and worth which leads to living far below God’s original design for us. God desires to remind and assure us of our immense value to Him and his ability to restore us so that we can be a living testimony of his grace and strength. This book takes you on a journey exploring the symbolism of rivers from the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelation in the Bible and their significance to God’s plan for restoration.

Why rivers? Humans have a deeply rooted attachment to water. We seek it out for our pleasure and need it for our health,
both physical and spiritual. This book takes you on journey exploring the symbolism of rivers and water in the Bible from
the garden of Eden to the book of Revelation. Why are they significant? At times we all question our value or worth. Rivers
portray God’s heart to assure us of our value to Him and His ability to restore us from our hurts and questions back to His
design for us so we again find our true purpose.

Is such a remarkable restoration possible? Carol Boggess explores how we can use the water imagery and lessons contained
in the Bible to help us seek out answers. She asks questions such as: How do the rivers in the garden of Eden portray how
God wants to restore purpose and meaning to our lives? Can God restore value to our lives again, even out of our suffering
and pain? How we can more fully experience the living water of the Holy Spirit in our lives? She challenges us to embrace a
new normal in our thinking as God transforms us and stretches our faith in who He really is. Examples from Scripture of God
handling impossible water situations further encourage us.

With profound questions, thoughtful insight, and meaningful revelation, she leads us on a journey through the Bible that
will bring us inspiration and hope as it reveals God’s passionate love for us and His yearning for us to feel whole and


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